No One’s an Expert — Everyone is Winging It

No one’s an expert, even if they have certificates illustrating they took a class or graduated to practice their skill.

Everyone messes up. No one is perfect.

The ones out there winging it? You see their names everywhere. They are where they are today NOT because they are experts, but because they put into practice what they’ve learned.

They started the blog and shared what they knew. They implemented the newsletter incentives so you’d subscribe.

Either they have the executive function to make fetch happen, they bribed themselves with dopamine-inducing activities, or they outsourced that task to someone who has the EF to “do the thing”.

A lot of them faked it until they made it by changing their mindset and presenting themselves as professionals even if they began the day before.

The bloggers out there making money with their blogs are making money because they kept pushing even when times were rough.

They have the ability to be paid to exist if they wanted to, because they’ve proved they’re capable. They’ve created demand for themselves by positioning themselves as the niche.

It’s not about working “hard”, but spending your time wisely. Succeeding as an entrepreneur is about surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs who keep going even if they have to crawl on the ground until they have the strength to stand up again.

Succeeding in a business you created requires persistence, even when your critics are telling you to quit and settle down.

I never fit in the mold society imposed on me. I always leaked out, creating imperfect bits like the excess sticks created from the overflow sides of a quadruple waffle maker.

No one’s an expert. The people who call themselves such are doing it pretentiously. True experts know they’re not the best — that there will always be opportunities to learn from other people on how to do something better.

Here’s to winging it.

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